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Welcome to Global Business Ministries Soweto

Thabo and Mpho Kapoko have looked to us for some years as spiritual and apostolic parents. We first met them online while we were still in Mexico and got to know them at first via video chat on Skype.

For a season the Lord had them on a learning track on their own, and during that time they proved themselves as true leaders in the Body of Christ. They established a new church from scratch in Soweto and began to build a ministry.

After this, the Lord led them to join us again as partners in Global Business Ministries here in South Africa. Although studying with us they also continued to run the ministry they had established.

As the Lord began to form a new family in GBM of branch ministries, led by our partners, we felt it was time for the Kapoko’s to pray about joining us also as part of this family.

So after seeking the Lord and getting clear direction, we are happy to announce the addition of Gbm Soweto to our family of Gbm Branches Internationally.